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From the early design phases of your project to the installation and maintenance of your property; Curb 'n Décor is here to help. We are willing to take on projects from top dressing existing mulch to the new installation of residential and commercial landscaping. Curb 'n Décor is a one stop shop to get all the work completed by one contractor. This eliminates the need to contact and coordinate schedules with multiple contractors. We make it our job to complete all aspects of your project.

Installation of mulch and stone may sound easy but the work can be physically demanding. Our staff is prepared to do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. We are prepared to take on any size job. Typically we install high quality, contractor grade weed barrier below stone and mulch to prevent weeds from coming through. The weed barrier is installed without gaps along the house or concrete to ensure that entire flower beds are covered thus reducing the amount of weeding throughout each season.

New or existing landscaping often calls for the installation of plants. Our crews know how to properly plant annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees to ensure proper growth. Generally we install plants prior to the installation of stone or mulch to keep the weed barrier completely free of debris thus reducing the amount of weeds that can grow from the surface. Visit our Landscape Design page that shows projects go from design to reality.

Need a luscious lawn installed? Curb 'n Décor installs residential and commercial lawns. Top soil is loosened, final graded, and seeded. Straw is spread atop the seed to ensure water and nutrients are provided to keep the lawn growing. Above ground sprinklers can be set up with timers to keep the lawn consistently watered and freeing you of countless hours of upkeep.

Over the years of business, we have seen a steady increase in the amount of downspout drain lines we bury. By directing the water away from the house's foundation basements remain dry and flower beds look more appealing. Downspouts are converted into PVC which runs under ground into an elbow which extends away from the house. Once far enough away from the house another elbow which has slight perforation directs water upwards to a surface emitter. The surface emitter rarely lets water out onto the surface of the lawn because a majority of the water is released underground into a filtered receptacle free of dirt and debris.