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Curb ‘n Décor specializes in installing concrete patios and driveways. Plain gray concrete with a broom finish is the least expensive surface to have installed. Although standard concrete slabs are the least expensive this does not mean we skimp on quality. All of our materials, everything from concrete to color additives to the forms we use, come from select high quality suppliers that we have built lasting relationships with. To fulfill the needs of our customers we must be flexible in our design and installation of concrete surfaces. Every concrete surface we pour is installed professionally by our experts who have a vast array of experience. Our concrete is reinforced with a rebar grid and coated with an application of sealer to protect the surface.

Interested in customizing your new concrete pad? If you are wishing to install a hardscape that is more decorative than plain gray concrete we have many options to do so. We can stamp the border of a plain concrete surface and/or color your concrete to make it unique, yet affordable. Borders are an economical way of making your patio unique because it is created when the concrete pour is still wet. Adding a border and color to your concrete is only the tip of the iceberg. Want a more extravagant concrete surface? Visit the Stamped Concrete page.

Curb ‘n Décor professionals are extremely skilled in applying overlayments to existing concrete slabs. Overlayment products can be applied from 1/8” up to ½” thick. We would not suggest overlaying an existing concrete slab with any faults; however, it is a great way to make a plain slab more aesthetically pleasing. Concrete overlays allow us to resurface existing slabs, add color, and even stamp textures thus rejuvenating patios.